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Prayer for Helping Hands Healing Hearts Ministries


“This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.”

- 1 John 5:14 NASB

Over and over again we have prayed and God has answered us.  We have witnessed transformations in little lives, restored families, healings, provisions and best of all, salvations.

•  Please pray diligently for our kids and their families.  Pray that families would be restored and able to love and care for their little ones.  Pray that parents would get jobs and be able to provide safe childcare for their kids while they earn enough to sustain their families. Pray that old habits and vices would be broken and that new positive generational patterns would be formed. Pray they come to know Christ.

•  Pray for our team and their families. Serving is tough when children are dealing with trauma and its effects. Our staff need an abundance of patience, empathy and a desire to make a difference and be that “one safe adult’ that each child needs. Local missionaries often aren’t recognized or applauded within their own communities and families (who have helped get them through college) often push them to find higher paying “jobs” so please pray for provisions for them and their families too so that pressure won’t hang over them and they will be free to enjoy serving the kids.

•  Pray for provision as we continue to serve despite trials.  COVID 19 has massively affected our donors and therefore our income. Please pray for new donors to come forward, for our old donors to be able to support again as God blesses them with new work and new businesses and for the Lord to show us creative ways of bringing in support.

•  Pray for healing for our sick children. We believe in healing and always ask God for it.  We have seen children healed here on earth and we have also held them as they passed into eternity and received their healing there in Heaven.

So, we pray!

•  Pray for adoptive families to step up for our waiting children.  The number of families applying has lessened dramatically in the last few years and so we have children stuck on the waiting list or the Special Home Finding List as its known internationally. We would love to see each of our children being placed into a loving family.


•  Pray for our older kids who are unlikely to be adopted or reunited with their biological families. Its tough to “age out”.  Pray that we will fulfill our desire to stand as their “family for good” as they learn to live independently. Pray they live for Christ


Do you have any prayer requests??

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