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Want to volunteer?

If you're interested in volunteering with Helping Hands, a good place to start is by reading the Volunteering FAQ below.


How long do volunteers normally stay?

Volunteers are welcome to stay for any length of time however we usually require a minimum stay of at least 2 weeks or up to 1 year (with an option to extend after assessment). It normally takes volunteers a while to adjust to the climate, lifestyle and the organization, after which the most valuable volunteering often takes place. Any less than 2 weeks makes any effective volunteering almost impossible. Even in the first two weeks, you are really on a vision trip rather than a volunteer program. You’re too tired and hot to do much. Generally, the best volunteering happens at around the 4 week mark.

If teams are coming, then we recommend a minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 3 weeks. We do not accept teams larger than 8 people at a time for logistical reasons.

Does Helping Hands provide accommodation for volunteers?

Accommodation for volunteers can be provided at nearby transient houses for a minimal cost.  Baguio has an abundance of them as it’s a tourist destination due to the cooler climate. We will help you arrange it. Actually, we would prefer to be the ones to make the arrangements so we can be sure of safety and proximity. The accommodation is basic accommodation, which will most likely be shared with other volunteers. Long term volunteers will be allowed to stay at our adoption suite until we can find a long term accommodation nearby.  The costs will always be shouldered by the volunteer.

What activities do volunteers normally do?

Volunteers assist the permanent staff of Helping Hands in a variety of ways, depending on their skills, interests, length of stay and the needs of the organization at the time. Former volunteers have been involved in a range of activities including developing new teaching materials, tutoring in our homeschool, doing arts and crafts activities in group sessions, helping in the kitchen and laundry, upgrading our IT, gardening, painting, building an awning on the side of children’s home, providing training for staff. If you decide to volunteer with us, you will always be assisting a local staff member and making sure that they take the starring role in the children’s lives. Volunteers are never meant to replace the safe adults in our kids lives, merely to come alongside and offer assistance to those who are already there. This helps keep kids safe.

What do volunteers need to bring?

Some of the things that would be useful to bring are:

  • comfortable, casual clothes for working in (Please note that low tops, spaghetti straps, very short pants/skirts or tops revealing midriff are not appropriate. Body piercings, except ears, are not appropriate - please remove or cover up) 

  • insect repellent, toiletries & bath towels 

  • activities/tools/equipment that you anticipate that you might want to use as part of your volunteering experience - please feel free to check with us what is already available and what might be needed 

  • adapters are always handy to have!

  • Sports shoes and flip flops, Jeans and Teeshirts are generally worn within the homes and around the community but you may want to bring something else for formal occasions or church.

  • Bring your own phone and laptop if you plan to use one.

  • We have quite a strict policy on taking photos of the children so unless you’re coming specifically to take pictures for us, you better be ready to lay your camera down.

  • Feel free to send us an email before you come to see if we desperately need something that could fit in your case.  Sometimes we need extra vitamins, or lice shampoo but sometimes we NEED tea and chocolate, you know, the important things in life!


Do you accept volunteers on an independent basis?

Helping Hands accepts volunteers through volunteer sending organizations such as FCM and on an independent basis.

We also accept highly motivated interns completing placements of minimum 1 month full time. 

Do you have a selection process for volunteers?

Yes, everyone who applies to become a volunteer at Helping Hands is carefully screened, references checked and interviews taken place before being accepted. We reserve the right to refuse any prospective volunteer at any time.



How can I apply?

If you are interested in applying to volunteer, press one of the "Sign me up" buttons below, download and complete our volunteer profile form. Then, submit it along with a current resume and police clearance to

(1-3 weeks)

(1-12 months)

Have any questions?

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